The Mermaid's Chest
Custom Artistry

About The Artist


My name is Amanda Brady. I am the owner, designer, and one-woman-powerhouse behind The Mermaid's Chest. I worship beautiful things. In a world of mass produced, cookie cutter style, I understand the value behind getting exactly what you ask for. During my undergrad studies at Alma College, I was grilled at my final critique because my work wasn't uniform. "There are too many different mediums, the work looks like it has been done by different artists, your collection isn't cohesive..."

Fast forward to today, and this is my greatest strength when working on commissions for clients. I love trying new things, I love stepping outside my own box and into yours. Each new request is a challenge and an opportunity to build upon my skill set. I have grown exponentially not by pursuing one particular style, but many. For this, I cannot thank my clients enough! Your ideas have guided and shaped my work far more than I ever could have done on my own.